HeART and its Beauty

Is in the eye of the beholder

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HeART is where the home, office, studio, clinic, café, restaurant, winery is….

It is not just art though.

Every piece is full of magnificent colour, movement and interest.  

Bringing life, joy, meaning and healing to your walls, your rooms and YOU.

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A3 Stand Out From The Crowd.png
A3 Stand Out From The Crowd (1).jpg

Stand Out from The Crowd

It can be scary To stand out From the crowd

But when you do

Your innate Beauty Shines through

Amongst the bunch

Inspiring Captivating Intriguing

Shake off fear

Accept the fact that

Judgement will happen

Don't disappear

Or Shrink to fit

Express yourself

Any way you choose

Any way that feels right for you

The world needs you

To be different

To make life interesting

To shake people up

Out of conformity

Out of complacency

Out of rigidity

Be your amazing Beautiful Unique Self

I dare you!

A3 size

Violet Blooms

The words infused in this painting, which arose whilst applying purple paint are "You are so beautiful" "You are so beautiful" over and over again as I wept gently and silently from a place of intense gratitude.

Individuality and my signature mark is represented by the contrasting orange bloom.

Acrylic on canvas

1070mm W x 1070mm L x 38mm D           $450

Born from the galaxy

A gift of healing from the stars


Dancing across the canvas

To activate your latent power

Forever unfolding

Into your true magnificence

A single orange bloom

Contrasting against violet

Reminds you to stay grounded in JOY

May wisdom and fullness of life

Be yours

Watermarked Pink Roses.png

Blue Petal Beauty

A liberated play on the Australian Bush Flower:

Blue Lady Orchid

With my signature mark of a flower in a contrasting colour.

1000mm W x 750mm L x 35mm D

Violet Blooms WM.png

Pink Roses

             Pink roses galore                

A pleasure to behold

Great grandeur

Abounding beauty

Of visual pleasure

Be still

Sit for a while

Enjoy the sweet essence

Of unconditional love

A love that radiates from every single rose

Filling you up




All is well

117cm x 117cm x 3.8cm

Blue China Blossoms.png
Strawberry Fizz

Shades of the Shore

White clouds caress the peaceful blues
Colours of navy, ivory and pastel hues
Topple onto the shore
Cream, tan and dappled shells
Dress the sandy land
That meets the ocean swell
Shades of the shore
Much for the eye to explore
With a gentle gaze
The body softens
The breath slows down
At one with
The shades of the shore

Strawberry Fizz

Luscious red strawberries

Ripe for the picking

A taste sensation

With a sparkling champaigne

Add me to icecream

A bowl on their own

A tropical cocktail

Atop an aussie pavlova

Yum an explosion of delectable bliss

610mm W x 910mm L x 35mm D

Shades of the shore.png
Discover the Dove.png


Oh to relax into the deep blue

Sun shining brightly

Peace permeating

Through every bone

Freedom all around

Floating expansion


From this world


True self

Discover the Dove

Paint meets the canvas

Colour, layer by layer

Swishes and swipes 

Along with random stripes

Creates movement

Interest and volume

Time passes by.....

And then before my eye

I see it

Once hidden but now seen

I Discover the Dove


Australian Bushflowers

Pink Fairy Orchid

Fairy Orchid.png

Rose Banjine

Water marked Rose Banjine.png



The Great Barrier Reef

Hibiscus, Rhubard and Thyme

Rhubarb and Roses.png
Great Barrier Reef.png

Peppermint Grove Beach

Peppermint Grove Beach.png

Big Hearted

Big Hearted

Waterhole OZ

Waterhole From Above.png

Central Windstorm

Outback Windstorm

Grass Tree Beauty

Grass Tree.png




I'm Free
Daisies in Springtime

Rhubarb Sky

Rhubarb Sky.png

I'm Free

Whose heart is pure
Open and free
Loving essence for all to see
Beauty in simplicity
All wondrous and expansive spirituality
Here to express
For the onlooker
Nothing less

Than unconditional LOVE
Receive with an open heart

What you see
From Sweetness,
Whose heart is open
Pure and free

Daisies In Springtime

Sprinkled across the pasture
Daisies grow in spring time
Sweet little blooms
Precious with kindness
Reminding us of childhood
Necklaces of daisy chains
Flowers in our hair
Sweet innocence
Sprinkled like fairy dust
Far and wide
Delicate blossoms
The bringers of JOY

Boring Bins to Colourful Storage

Unboring bins.png

Adorable Miniatures

Sand Meets the Sea.png
Whispering Trees.png
The Beach 1.png


Charismatic Coastline

Charismatic Coastline.png