Violet Blooms supports you to connect to the higher realms.  The words infused in this painting, which arose whilst applying purple paint are "You are so beautiful" over and over again as I wept gently and silently from a place of intense gratitude.  Individuality and my signature mark is represented by the contrasting orange bloom.

Acrylic paint on canvas 107cm L x 107cm W x 3.8cm D

Delivery or pick up is available in Western Australia only.


Violet Blooms unique, one of a kind painting

  • Born from the galaxy

    A gift of healing

    From the stars



    Across the cosmos

    To activate your latent power

    Forever unfolding

    Into your true magnificence

    A single orange bloom

    Contrasting against the violet

    Reminding you to stay grounded

    In JOY

    May wisdom

    And fullness of life

    Be yours

    Forever more