The Heart: A Complex Matrix Of Energy

Nearly 20 years ago my youngest son was born. His birth triggered a desire from deep inside myself. Another spiritual opening. It was a desire to know and live with unconditional love. I didn’t know how that was going to unfold. Or even what it meant. I just knew I felt it with intensity. It has been my quest to heal my own heart in order to fulfil this desire.

This is what I’ve come to understand.

The finest energy vibration, radiant light, is unconditional love and ever present within us all.

The heaviest energy vibration, dense, dark and shadowy vibrations, are our unhealthy or rigid beliefs and conditioning, emotional wounds, unforgiveness and resentments. For many an armour has developed around the heart. We think this is protection. In reality it keeps us separate from fully loving and locked in wounds and pain.

The picture shows many hearts, some bright and clear (open) representing our present ability to love. Love shows up many times throughout our lives, such as when we are in the newness of a love interest, giving birth to a child, feeling compassion for someone or enjoying the simple pleasures of life. At these times it is easy to be in an open loving state.

The picture also shows hearts are that are muted in colour (partly open) representing minor hurts and emotional scars that are unresolved. Some hearts are dark (closed) representing deep emotional wounds, rigid conditioning and negativity. These are all within our one true unconditional heart waiting to be acknowledged, felt and ultimately released.

The picture also represents the truth that each person's heart is part of the collective.

We are all one.

A loving heart “out there” is a mirror of a loving aspect within our heart.

A dark or muted heart "out there" is a mirror of a dark or muted aspect within our heart.

Keeping our hearts open even when it hurts will heal the darkness we carry and allow the unconditional love to flow uninterrupted for ourselves and for everyone.

This isn't an easy task!

It takes practice, patience, being grounded, present, courageous enough to fully feel and witness ourselves in the process. It takes putting an end to the blame game and taking responsibility for how we are reacting and feeling. When we are hurting it means we have been triggered by something/someone out there. Everything showing up in our personal life is an indication of how "in love," or not, we are with ourselves.

When we are fully in love with ourselves (completely open hearted) we can love everyone and be at peace.

Every time we are triggered by someone...."they hurt us" they are giving us the opportunity to heal that which is lodged within ourselves. It doesn't mean we excuse the behaviour or continue to be in the persons’ presence. But it does allow a space to forgive or at least be willing to forgive them. Eventually we may even get to the stage where we are thankful for the experience because of what was gained in the form of a lesson, a letting go or a deeper understanding of life and where we are at on this spiralling journey.

A wonderful resource is: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Blessings, Marie

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