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Cosmic Blue Roses

Cosmic Blue Roses for print.png

This piece of art has been created purposefully as a gift, from me to you.

The value of this original piece is $550 and reprints would cost up to $175.

 My suggestion is to print it off (photo paper would do it justice, up to 20cm x 20cm) 

You can meditate with it.  Or frame it and pop it next to your

desk or a place where you can enjoy its beauty.

      It is multi-layered with healing, colour, movement and sparkle. 

 Infused with love, creativity, empowering words (see below) and expansion. 

    The divine feminine is also represented in the artwork. 

  Her message is this….

You are not meant to remain static.  You are here to expand and grow beyond limitations. 

Those limitations that are self imposed and those that are imposed on you by family,

tradition, community and out dated belief systems. 

Only you, through your hearts desires and your intuitive nature, knows what you need to do to grow into your multi-faceted essence.  It doesn’t matter what pace you take, so long as you keep taking one step at a time and maintain the faith, vision and trust in yourself.

    I’d love to hear from you.  Please share with me what you see, any insights and feelings after spending time with the painting.

Here is a list of the words that are embedded in print within the artwork.


To download the painting, words and chocolate recipe below:

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Nutritional Chocolate.png

To watch a video on how to make this delicious chocolate click here >>