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Uncovering the Diamond Within

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More Information:
UDW (Uncovering the Diamond Within) is a transformative body of work that uncovers and amplifies your diamond essence.

This is your feminine essence, your multi-faceted nature of gifts, talents, radiance, creativity and innate beauty. 


This course is for women who understand that they are body, mind and energy. 

AND desire to deepen the connection to all that they are.

AND for women who are sensitive to energies. 

AND any woman who is wanting to build confidence, self worth, find direction or renewed inspiration for life.


You will experience an increase in self-empowerment by learning about and practicing the connection with your authentic self, your intuition and embodying your energetic self through empowering practices and colour expression.  You will have the opportunity to explore your emotions and feelings with colour on canvas.  This will amplify and support shifts to take place.  This is not about being an artist or about producing something.  It’s about being in the moment and using colour as a tool for expression.  There is no right or wrong in the process.


The workshop/s will be an informative and most importantly, a practical day where I will explain, show and you will experience:


What your diamond essence is and how you can tap into this internal source of self empowerment, joy, intuition and radiance.


How to develop a grounded physical and energetic presence that attracts the healthy attention you want, both personally and professionally. If you are a super sensitive empath ie: pick up on other peoples energy and your surroundings, this is a gift (but it might not feel like it is) that needs to be grounded and centred with a strong energetic presence (boundaries).


How to increase your confidence and ability to communicate in all situations, especially the uncomfortable ones.

Experience a meditation practice that connects you to your innate power, ignites your natural beauty and allows your authentic self to be seen. The meditation brings you into a grounded, centred, embodied and intuitively receptive place.


What it feels like to be grounded and centred and how to take this practice out into the world. This is essential if we are to live the life we dream of.


Experience an increase in self worth by connecting with your authentic and unique diamond facets (attributes), intuition and connecting deeply with your physical body and your energetic body.


Develop healthy boundaries so that you say ‘No” out of love for yourself rather than “Yes” out of fear or old conditioning.


Be given the opportunity to communicate/express yourself in a safe and nurturing environment.


How to increase your personal presence and radiance so that you are nourished from the inside out and contented in your own skin with acceptance of where you are on your journey.


How to build on your ability to handle whatever situation arises with awareness and grace.


Learn to follow your inner nudges rather than incessant action to make things happen.


This program also aims to enhance your innate beauty from the inside out. And for you to accept your innate beauty so that comparison is eliminated. To feel more comfortable with your sensuality, receiving positive attention and being seen.


This is an encouraging powerful, loving workshop/s for continued positive change/growth/personal development and self acceptance.