Hello, I'm Marie

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It wasn't until 2010 that I discovered my painting niche. I always knew I could paint but not the life like landscape or portrait kind of painting....that's way too conformist for me.  Ken Done was my inspiration in the 80's. With his abstract splashes of colour, bright and free. I wanted to express my inner painter in a unique way with vibrancy, joy and most importantly.....No Rules! 

It was one of the most exhilarating days of my life when I discovered my style and technique of painting using sea sponges in an abstract, impressionistic form.  Just goes to show that if you have an inner knowing about something and you hold the faith.  It will happen!  It took nearly 20 years for me. 

This colourful and diverse outlet makes my heart sing, my face smile and my inner child gleeful. 

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Flora Galore was a winning entry in 2020 for the Dune Distillery, a subsidiary of the Black Brewing Company, emerging artist competition for a gin label.  My art adorns the Xmas gin bottle.

My focus now, is to inspire joy and add beauty to the world through my paintings, poetry and gift items.  I'm also working on a wonderfully rewarding project with my son.  I am the voice and ideas Gal.  Whilst he is the tech dude.  We are creating meditations that offer peace, relaxation, personal growth and of course, joy!

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be born with a love, passion and appreciation for colour, texture and all things craft.  It started when I was very young.  Colouring in for hours.  Baking in the kitchen whilst my Mum prepared the Sunday night roast.  Hand sewing dolls clothes, then eventually machine sewing everything from high school uniforms to curtains for my first home.   Little did I know at the time that this was leading somewhere.

In 2017, once 2 of my 3 kids were grown and independent, I found myself somehow magically facilitating arty crafty workshops for children and adults...aged 4 to 64 (they may even have been older) and utilising all that I'd learned over the years.  This was so much fun and I had 3 wonderful creative years!  Whilst it isn't the primary focus of my business now,  I will remain open to opportunities coming my way,  where I can revisit the amazing world of craft.  

Modality Certificate Tactile Learning &

For a number of years, I was given the opportunity to facilitate intuitive painting workshops and I had a 15 month support/teacher role with a young wheelchair bound man.  That's a wonderful story that I will share at some point in a blog.   

During 2020 and the early months of 2021 the Sunny Smile Project was born.  I handpainted 1000 riverstones.  Each had their own individually drawn smile . They were given away to indviduals and not for profit groups. 

My intention was to spread JOY one sunny smile at a time.  I continue to share smiles with my bookmarks and fridge magnets.  Check them out in the shop.  They make a lovely, happy gift.

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